• Pallet Wrappers & Hot Melt Adhesives

    Industrial automation & complete end-of-line packaging solutions, plus hot melt adhesives.

  • Valco Melton

    Stephen Miller Ltd. is the exclusive Irish partner for Valco Melton - world leaders in Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment 

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  • Complete End Of Line Packaging Solutions

    Nolan Plastica

    Our current portfolio of products allows Stephen Miller Ltd. to offer complete end of line packaging solutions to most industries in Ireland in both machinery and materials.

  • Beardow Adams Global Partner


    Stephen Miller Packaging Ltd. is a Global Partner to Beardow Adams (Adhesives) Ltd. & deliver industrial packaging processes,  flexible packaging solutions, shrink wrapping, hot melt adhesives and more.

  • Standalone & Integrated Automated Packaging Machinery

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    Stretch wrappers reduce packaging, representing a gain to the environment & significant benefits to the bottom line. From individual stand alone machines to integrated in-line systems, we have solutions for every requirement.

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  • Hot Melt Adhesives

    We are the Irish Global Partner of the award-winning Beardow Adams Ltd.
    Our hot melt adhesive supplies and packaging machinery provide complete end of line packaging solutions.

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  • Semi Automattic Pallet Wrappers Supplied

    Both semi-automatic & fully automatic machines available.
    High speed inline wrappers can cope with over 100 pallets per hour.
    Simple and intuitive LED controls.

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  • Fully automatic pallet wrapping machines

    These stretch wrapping machines add enormous efficiencies to the packaging process and are widely used in industries across Ireland, including in food and bakery packaging and in the product packaging of numerous manufacturers and distributors.

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  • Stephen Miller Limited are the sole distributors of YoungSun Robotic Packaging Machines in Ireland. The Advantages of YoungSun Robotic Machines. Find out more about these unmanned packaging, intelligent systems.

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  • Ireland's industry leader for packaging solutions

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