Superb Time & Cost Savings

We provide complete end of line packaging solutions from rapid pallet wrappers to hot melt adhesives from our world leading partner Beardow Adams. In addition we supply quality stretch wrap films and polythene shrink film. Matching high performance stretch wrapping equipment with high quality films ensures very low costs per pallet wrapped.

Stretch Pallet Wrappers

stretch pallet wrapper

These stretch wrapping machines add enormous efficiencies to the packaging process and are widely used in industries across Ireland, including in food and bakery packaging and in the product packaging of numerous manufacturers and distributors.

  • Both semi-automatic & fully automatic machines available.
  • High speed inline wrappers can cope with over 100 pallets per hour.
  • Simple and intuitive LED controls.
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Hot Melt Adhesives

ho melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications from packaging and labelling through to product assembly. Our glue range includes pressure sensitive adhesives, low temperature and general purpose adhesives including vinyl acetate and heat resistant solvents suitable for a wide range of packaging, labelling and other applications.

  • We are the Irish Global Partner of the award-winning Beardow Adams Ltd.
  • Our hot melt adhesive supplies and packaging machinery provide complete end of line packaging solutions.
  • For use in labelling, packaging, woodworking, print finishing, converting and product assembly.
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Stretch Wrap Films

Stretch wrap films

We are a brand approved vendor of stretch wrap films including pvc cling films, low density polyethylene, hand stretch film, machine stretch film and a wide variety of quality packaging material. Incoporating superior tear resistance, heat resistance and puncture resistance, our range of stretch wrap films combine low density with optimal film tension to deliver pallet load stabilisation and cost imporvements.

  • Cast films are made from 100% LLDPE.
  • Top rate adhesive polyethylene stretch film..
  • Designed for palletising.
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Shrink Wrap Films

Shrink Wrap Films

Shrink wrap is used in a great variety of product packaging. Stephen Miller Ltd. can supply heat activated shrink wrap films, PVC shrink wrap, polyolefin shrink films as well as shrink wrap machines.

  • Lamination film and biodegradable shrink film are part of our offering in a variety of roll widths and micron thicknesses.
  • Multilayer film extruded and co-extruded on fully automatic..
  • Blown production line.
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Taping Machines

Taping Machines

A full range of fully automatic and semi-automatic taping machines along with box erectors is available. Stephen Miller Ltd. supply taping machines to suit every demanding application.

  • High capacity production automatic case formers.
  • Robust, user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Automatic flap folding once hot-melt glue has been applied.
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Printed Gravure Laminates

High quality - up to 8 colour - rotogravure printing. We can also quote for Flexo print on polythene on request.

  • High quality print.
  • Flexo print on polythene available.
  • 8 colour rotogravure printing.
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Pallet Store

Pallet Store

Pallet store solution for in-production or warehouse.

  • Loading capacity 14 pallets.
  • Machine controls PLC controller, panel with controls buttons, safety button and main switch.
  • Safety Entrance safeguarded with safety photocell.
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