Typical purchase

Appreciate excellence in design and have high functional demands
Control with advanced Smart Minder graphic panel and Capacitive PLC which support over 362880 program combinations and 8 appropriate saved programs – No Equal in the market.
To wrap unstable and light cargo which with other machines is not possible
Quality according to EU directive ( EN 415 - 6 / 2007 )
Higher safety level with film carriage 100% closed in the column
Loading cargo with manual trans pallet on FORK platform with safety module category II.
Appreciate heavy duty column construction covered with strong ABS covers used also in automobile industry for bumpers
Ecologic powder painted with epoxy paint thickness min. 80 ɲm
Wrapping at dispatch (warehouses) and in productions with protection of product from top with minimal ecological impact on environment and film saving
Higher capacities demand
Electrical connection 230 V single phase

Standard features

Wrapping height 2500 m
Rotating Φ 1650 mm platform for cargo on pallet 1200 x 1000 mm
Maximum load 2000 kg
Operation with PLC with extreme programs options
Turntable bottom closed with still sheet for better protection of rotation transmission components against dust, humidity and noxious environment