Vilis Plus

Typical purchase

Semiautomatic turntable film stretch wrapping machine
Simple Ez operation and easy maintenance
To quit economically unjustified and quality inadequate manual wrapping at dispatch (warehouses) and in productions
Control panel with functions (bottom/top wraps, only up and/or bottom cycle, variable carriage speed, variable turntable rotation speed, reinforcing wraps,….)
Stretch film tension adjustable from panel, reduced stretching force on beginning and end of cycle for easy film hooking to the pallet and easy film cutting at the end
Quality according to EU directive ( EN 415 - 6 : 2007 )
Ecologic powder painted with epoxy paint min. 80 um
Anti skid rotating turntable
Easy and fast installation; column connected with platform with hinge Electrical connection 230 V single phase

Standard features (PDF. TECHNICAL DATA )

Wrapping height 2500 m
Turntable diameter Φ 1500 mm
Maximum load 1200 kg
Operation with PLC
Turntable bottom closed with steel sheet for better protection of rotation transmission components against dust, humidity and noxious environment