• Sleeve Wrappers

  • Sleeve wrappers usually run polythene films and leave your pack open on either end. They are used specifically for holding the product together rather than displaying. Often used in the drinks industry for accumulation of a dozen or more bottles of minerals, beer, milk, etc. Not commonly used for display. Sleeve wrappers can often incorporate tray wrapping machines where the product to be packed requires a tray rather than a box. The sleeve wrapper produces an accumulation of product that requires no packing boxes. By not having to use packing boxes the savings are very substantial.

  • ModelYS-ZB-B-2
  • YS-ZB-1


  • ModelYS-ZB-1
    Power supply380v 50Hz 2KW
    Air pressure5-8kg/cm2
    Packing speed10-15 package/min (based on products)
    Work table height850mm (it can be made and the lowest can do is 750mm)
    Machine sizeL1215mm×W985×H1850mm(can be made)
    Sealing knifestainless and Teflon spray;
    Sealing temperature150-180 °C
    Packing sizeL600mm x W400mm x H500mm (Max)
    Film typePE film
    Shrinking: 125°C
    Film thickness: 0.04-0.08mm
    film width based the products
  • YS-ZB-B-2